We are living with a new digital reality.

Whether customers are applying for credit through your website, on a mobile app, in a branch, or through a call center, they expect immediate responses. To win in today’s world, you need an origination solution that supports a seamless customer journey and instant decisioning from application through decisioning and booking.

Better customer experiences

Reducing application friction and making it easy for customers to apply for credit cards and other types of revolving credit loans is the best way to grow new business. At Anovaa, we simplify the customer journey with flexible design elements to personalize your application flow.  We’ll prefill form fields for prequalified applicants and make application decisions in milliseconds so you can present immediate responses to your customers.

Reduce fraud/lower risk

Integrated behavioral analytics protect your organization from credit loss and continually-evolving digital fraud and cyber risk. Anovaa includes an analytics engine and plugs in to third-party services that deliver real-time risk assessments for every transaction. The technology analyzes risk using criteria such as device intelligence, behavior analysis, location data, customer attributes, payment information, and information on the past history. State-of-the-art machine learning models identify and highlight risky transactions to reduce fraud and cyber risks.

Flexible offers

Customers love options. With Anovaa, you can offer introductory rates, fixed and variable rates, and a variety of repayment term options. You can also let them pick their payment date or integrate personalized card designs. For convenience, and to help ensure brand loyalty, integrate points, cash back, or other types of reward and loyalty programs as part of the customer journey.

Instant Credit Decisioning

At the core of any revolving credit program is the decisioning engine. Ours is nimble, flexible, and adaptable to changing market and regulatory conditions. Whereas some credit engines are rigid and constrained, Anovaa is not. Enjoy flexibility and growth with easily-changeable policy thresholds and the ability to modify interest rates in real time. Launch new products, expand into new geographies, target new market segments, and rapidly adapt to regulatory shifts with a modular solution to meet your growth and expansion goals.

Scale your revolving credit programs with Anovaa.

  • Merchant cards

  • Balance Transfers

  • Cobranding

  • Instant credit usage

  • Affinity programs

  • Digital wallet

  • Loyalty programs

  • Flex credit

Anovaa lets you tackle the most challenging origination problems with ease.  Improve customer journeys, streamline credit processing, reduce fraud, and book new business.