Personalize personal loans with a unified digital platform that proactively prevents fraud while simplifying the customer experience.

Anovaa’s intelligent loan origination technology gathers customer information in real time and uses behavior analytics to prevent fraud and reduce cyber risks. Simple, intuitive configurations empower you to know your customer better, automate credit decisioning, and speed loan processing. With Anovaa, you can deliver the personal loan your customers need at the risk-adjusted rate they’ll accept.

Anovaa Personal Loan Products

Acquire more customers and book more loans.

Anovaa provides you with more ways and more channels to reach your customers

Acquisition strategy realized

Boost your organization's marketing and customer acquisition results using Anovaa’s multi-channel delivery engine. It amplifies the potential number of loan customers your business can reach and lets you hyper-target your audience, creating specific loan offers that appeal to each market demographic or geographic area you target. Anovaa is designed specifically to address today’s digital loan customer acquisition challenges and includes all the tools needed to engage and convert loan prospects into loan customers.

How It Works

Anovaa’s cross channel interfaces and unique microsite engine enable personalized customer journeys. Intelligence is built into the system to reduce or eliminate the need for document uploads and speed loan processing so you can convert more customers. In addition, real-time analytics let you monitor marketing and sales results and easily modify content or targeting, resulting in even higher pull through and close rates.

Reduce fraud and lower risk

Integrated behavioral analytics protect your organization from credit loss and continually evolving digital fraud and cyber risk.

How It Works

Anovaa includes an analytics engine and plugs in to third-party services that deliver real-time risk assessments for every transaction. The technology analyzes risk using criteria such as device intelligence, behavior analysis, location data, customer attributes, payment information, and information on the past history. State-of-the-art machine learning models identify and highlight risky transactions. In addition, knowledge-based authentication services and one-time-passcode authentication further reduce fraud and cyber risks.

Flexible credit and pricing = more lending opportunities

Credit reports are great, but sometimes just using FICO means you miss out on great lending opportunities. Anovaa includes its own credit engine that enables both traditional and modern alternative credit modeling. Incorporate a variety of credit variables to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness. Anovaa’s pricing engine is synchronized with customized credit scoring that enables risk-based counter offers to increase lending opportunities.

How It Works

Anovaa’s credit and pricing engine is highly configurable and includes intelligent modeling that lets you offer customers fixed and variable rates, flexible loan amounts, and a variety of repayment terms. In addition, risk-based counter-offer services boost pull through.

Product variations boost conversions

It’s proven that when you make it easier for customers to easily find exactly what they’re looking for, you increase sales. Anovaa is flexible, so you can offer a large range of fixed and variable rate loans with a variety of payment options.

How It Works

Anovaa’s credit and pricing engine is highly configurable. You can set-up an unlimited number of product and pricing variables. Policy, pricing, and credit rules are baked into the workflow orchestration so you can offer customers rates and terms aligned with their credit score. It’s a win-win for everyone.

More channels lead to more loans

Loan marketplaces like Credible, Credit Karma, Lending Tree, and NerdWallet drive more customers to your door. Anovaa provides seamless integration to all channels.

How It Works

Anovaa APIs not only connect your enterprise systems, but also offer easy integrations with marketplaces, fintech applications, and other lending ecosystem partners. Anovaa’s modern framework is flexible, secure, and futureproof.