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A strong sense of community adds value to our lives. It not only helps us feel more connected to the world around us, it also makes a measurable difference in our happiness.

At Anovaa, we believe in the power of community and are providing solutions to support you in helping your customers move forward financially—building dreams and making better lives for themselves and the diverse communities where they live and work.

GradTech: Digital Apprenticeship

Innovating by Building Communities

Just like our clients and partners, we at Anovaa individually and collectively support multiple charities and charitable events. However, we’ve taken community support even further by creating GradTech, a team-based approach to digital apprenticeship. We’ve taken the ancient concept of apprenticeship and shifted it into today’s post-digital environment.

Here’s how GradTech works…

Organizations and businesses are always seeking to recruit and retain the best of the best. But it’s tough to do so consistently, especially in this age of high demand for top talent and the high salaries they require.

GradTech sets up and manages localized community-based talent programs. We work with you to identify opportunities where talent is needed—whether it’s within your organization or for businesses in your community. All types of talent programs are supported, including technology, project management, and customer support, among others.

Our highly experienced recruitment team partners with local universities and community resources. Together we select up-and-coming talent and develop specialized training for the client’s identified needs.

GradTech recruits are paired with seasoned mentors for training. Teams are deployed together to an organization, and the mentor stays with the team to provide ongoing supervision and a single point of contact.

So how does this help you, the lender?

Your goal is to help people build their dreams and make better lives for themselves. This, in turn, builds better, stronger communities. What better way to support your mission than through an innovative program that invests in young people, puts them into career positions to help them build better lives, infuses businesses with young talent, and supports community growth?

GradTech adds value to businesses and communities.

Launch and establish the careers (and lives) of local graduates.

With GradTech, young, local professionals with a deep, driving passion for their chosen career fields are brought into the workforce.

Drive innovation and transformation through passion.

GradTech teams are highly motivated to build their careers. Most are digital natives with a firm understanding of the latest technologies and tools and how to apply them, thus transforming organizations with knowledge and energy that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Infuse your business or community with the energy of a new generation of leaders.

Recruit, support, and help your future leaders thrive in their careers by employing a competitively-priced GradTech team. Team members can also be hired directly into companies, helping to retain and ensure a skilled, stable workforce.

Experience great branding and PR for your organization.

Do something good for your community while doing something great for your company. Everyone wins with GradTech, and experience has shown us that communities and the press really respond positively to the GradTech program and companies that implement it.

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Launch careers, improve lives, and give back to the community with GradTech.

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